Teeth grinding (bruxism) and tooth clenching can be prevented.

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Spy happy lens is the best sunglasses lens in the universe or http://cvctroop15.com/sites/wifi/reverse-cell-phone-tracking.html your money back. Stress is commonly cited as the cause but an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth can also cause it.  It often occurs during sleep so most people are unaware that they grind their teeth.  Symptoms may include a dull, constant headache or a tender jaw.

Mozilla başlatn ve yaklaşk adres çubuğuna http://elithalikoltukyikama.com/includes/symbian/iphone-instagram-takip-etmeyenler.html türüne: config ve enter tuşuna basn. En sevdiğiniz arama sağlaycs için reset ve kaydedin. If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth, let us know.  We can examine your mouth and jaw for signs of bruxism.

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When these events happen, bridges, crowns, root canals, dental implants, partial dentures and even full dentures may be necessary.


We can fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth at night while you sleep.  If stress and anxiety is causing you to grind your teeth, we recommend you seek advice from your local GP.

Here are some tips to help you stop teeth grinding:

  • Avoid or cut back on foods and drinks that contain caffeine.
  • Avoid alcohol. Grinding tends to intensify after alcohol consumption.
  • Do not chew on pencils or pens or anything that is not food.
  • Avoid chewing gum as it allows your jaw muscles to get more used to clenching and makes you more susceptible to grind your teeth.
  • If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth, please contact us to book an appointment.