Dental Implants - A Revolution. Perfect Solution To Missing Teeth

Chances are you’ve probably heard of dental implants. These are the artificial gadgets used to replace missing teeth in the mouth, which differ from standard false teeth in the way that they are actually implanted into the jawbone itself and function almost exactly like normal teeth.

Brace Yourselves! Amazing Time-Lapse Of Teeth Correction With Braces

Braces aren’t the kind of accessory the world’s adolescent community is clamouring for, but at the same time there’s no denying the amazing results that they deliver. Administered and maintained by a leading dental professional, braces have the potential to transform even the most crooked teeth into an extraordinary beautiful smile which in most cases will last a lifetime.

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line and Bridgford Dental Practice

The Chernobyl Children’s Life Line is an ongoing project founded in 1991 with a mission to support children affected by the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The charity brings these children – the descendants of people directly affected by the disaster – to the UK for a four-week recuperative break. The Bridgford Dental Practice became involved 10 years ago and since then, approximately 100 children have received dental care at our facility, including the latest visit in July 2014.

7 Surprising Ways You're Ruining Your Teeth

Would you be surprised to find out that numerous daily activities are surreptitiously ruining your teeth? Chances are some of your favourite foods or lifestyle habits may be causing you more dental grief than you even realised. Check out the top culprits and nip these bad habits in the bud before you end up causing extensive damage to your teeth.

6 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Explained and how we can help

We all like to have a beautiful smile. Some of us tend to naturally exude that beautiful smile and have the perfect set of teeth. However, plenty people don't and they want to know what they can do to get a better set of teeth so they can display a perfect smile.

4 Tips To Prevent Red Wine From Staining Teeth

Red wine is an alcoholic beverage many of us like to enjoy. Unfortunately that enjoyable glass of red wine can have a very negative impact on your teeth. Specifically, it can result in staining. No one likes to be out at a restaurant, enjoying a great meal and glass of red wine only to realise that they’ve got red stains on their teeth.

12 Of The Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth

worst food for your teeth

Some foods are downright bad for your teeth and some are great. Dental health is important so you need to know what foods are best for your teeth and what are the worst. Certain foods can result in increased saliva production, others help fight acid build up, and more. Then there are certain foods that can result in increased acid build up and other processes that increase tooth decay and dis-colouration.

10 Most Common Dentist Questions Answered

At some point you will need to visit a dentist whether it’s because you need a routine check up or you are experiencing problems with your teeth and gums.

At this point there are probably going to be a few questions running through your mind. How much will it cost? What do certain dental procedures entail?

So this post is designed to answer some of the most common questions people have for dentists. Hopefully, it will help ease your mind when you are thinking about coming to the dentist.

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