It is for both Adults and Children and is the ideal treatment for Children not eligible for NHS orthodontics. It is always good to check with your general dentist or orthodontist if your child is eligible. We are very happy to provide an alternative opinion if extractions are recommended by the Orthodontist, or are seeking a cheaper alternative to other systems.

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How does it work so Fast?

Only 1 wire is used in the treatment, unlike traditional brace systems which use 3-4 or may be more wires. The movement of the teeth is then faster and gives excellent results in a fraction of the time. Most cases are finished in 3-10 months depending on the individual’s teeth and alveolar bone structure. Nearly all cases are completed NON EXTRACTION, ie, we do not take teeth out unless there is a health need and other associated factors.

Because they are fast, are they safe?

The technology has been used in the US for over 20 years, with scientific research in hundreds of well respected orthodontic literature. There are thousands upon thousands of very happy patients which have benefitted by Fastbraces® treatment. There are no different risks or any more risks compared to old traditional braces. In fact because the forces used to move teeth are so low and the brackets are on the teeth for shorter period of time, they are less likely to affect the surface of the enamel and trap plaque around the tooth. So less demineralisation and less tooth decay compared to other systems that are on for longer.

Why are they so easy?

The brace system is completed in sections to allow the teeth's roots and crown to move very gentle, hence with the least amount of discomfort and changes to your lifestyle. The brackets are small and very comfortable for the lips and bite. Appointments are typically every 5 weeks and most cases are finished in 5-10 visits. It is not uncommon that mild cases can be finished in 1 visit! Fastbraces® technology moves the roots into the ideal position and providing the most aesthetic and beautiful finish for your new smile.

Why are they more affordable?

Because of the faster movement of the teeth, less visits 5-10, and just 1 wire technology means less surgery time. This means fees are much more affordable compared to 2-3 years of traditional braces. Each case will be assessed and fees given accordingly.

How do I know if I am suitable?

This complete orthodontic system is suitable for Cosmetic Orthodontics for adults, full orthodontics for children and adults. It is for all types of teeth straightening and after an assessment by our Fastbraces® trained provider, Dr Saquib Aziz, we can let you know if you are suitable. Children can normally be considered by the age of 9-10 to get started, but assessments are usually planned around 8 years of age to assess the position of the canine teeth.

What's even better about Fastbraces®?

With the complete alignment of the roots of the teeth, retention is needed only 20 minutes per day. No more retainers during the day for months after treatment. This unique point makes Fastbraces® the ultimate new revolution in teeth straightening and orthodontics in the world. A clear version is also available to provide all the benefits of a clear brace system with the added benefits of greater movement capability, speak to Dr Saquib Aziz about these. If you would like straight teeth in a fraction of the time, and would like a more affordable treatment option, ring us on 0115 9816986 and book an appointment with our treatment co-ordinator and Dr Saquib Aziz.

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Free Consultations on Fastbraces.

Free Consultations on Fastbraces.

For a limited period we are offering patients free consultations on Fastbraces. Call 0115 981 6986 find out more and to find out whether Fastbraces are right for you or use our click the button below to send us a message